Teddy bears give their owners unlimited love and hugs, but who’s there to hug them when they get left behind?

When people are travelling through the airport they often forget things, from belts, hats and keys to laptops and mobile phones – and sometimes teddies too.  Some make it home, but some get forgotten.  Earlier this year we found Ted, and started a campaign to get him home.  His owner never came forward but we had such a great response from the public that it got us thinking – what about all the other lost and unwanted teddy bears out there?  Could we help to find them a new home and raise money for charity in the process? 

This Christmas, you could adopt a lost teddy and give it a loving new home.  All we ask in return is that you make a donation to Richard House Children’s Hospice, and promise to give your new friend lots of hugs.

About the teddies

All of the soft toys available for rehoming have either been lost at London City Airport or donated by London City Airport staff.  Those lost at the airport have been kept for at least one month, to allow the owner sufficient opportunity to claim them.  Every toy has been security checked and all have a CE safety mark.

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